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One Team, One Fight Photo Journal Book

One Team, One Fight Photo Journal Book

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One Team, One Fight is 120 pages of photo journal imagery captured during the Royal Canadian Air Forces Operation Mobile undertaken to protect the people of Libya and enforce the United Nations-sanctioned no-fly zone over Libya in 2011.

This soft-covered book features over 35 full-color images (17 of which are 2 page spreads) of the CF-18 Hornet action on the ramp at Italy's Trapani Air Force Base. Another 40 pages take you on a walk around and on board the CC-150T Polaris MRTT as 437 Squadrons Huskies are hard at work refueling French and UAE Mirages as well as RAF Typhoon fighter jets on their way into and out of the combat theater over Libya. A bonus tour around NATO's AWACS Forward Operating Base completes the book to make it must have book for modern military aviation enthusiasts.

** Please note: Availability of this book is very limited, please call to check stock.

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