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Maple Flag XLIII Photo Journal Book

Maple Flag XLIII Photo Journal Book

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Maple Flag is an advanced multinational air combat exercise held annually at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Cold Lake. Designed to provide highly realistic training and simulated combat experience, Maple Flag is a comprehensive air war between Allied “Blue” forces and Opposing “Red” forces. Typically three, two-week sessions are held but in 2010 the pace of conflicts around the globe had many allied air forces stretched beyond their ability to participate, and Maple Flag 43 was shortened to 2 action packed sessions.

This book is a photographic journal of the closing days of 2010’s Maple Flag exercise from June 9th to 11th. It documents some of the participants, their roles, provides a rare inside look at the daily plan, brief, fly, debrief and repeat, cycle of Maple Flag (affectionately known as “Groundhog” day) along with some of the other activities ongoing at CFB Cold Lake during the exercise, to give you a glimpse into what has become an internationally respected and eagerly attended combat training exercise.

A photo-wrapped hard cover book, Maple Flag 43 features over 100 full-color images, 2 double page photo spreads, and narration about the exercise, the aircraft of the participating countries and the pilots who will benefit from the real experience built by the simulated combat of an exercise like Maple Flag.

** Please note: Availability of this book is very limited, please call to check stock.

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